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A sparkle of life, a gleam in the eye,
Rays of the sun christening the sky…
Deep searching blues in rivers below,
Mountains majestic with fresh fallen snow.

The scream of an eagle piercing the air,
Such marvelous pictures how can I not share?
Such spectrum of colors and awe striking scenes;
Galloping horses and glistening streams

To open my eyes and take in the sights
Floods me with wonder and so with delight
I take up my paintbrush admiring the One
Whose handiwork shines bright as the sun

No one can match the extent of His hand,
When He touches canvas the outcome is grand!
My hope and desire, the dream of my life
Is to be a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
by Ann Newby © 2006

  Newby was born into a family of artists who moved to Wyoming when she was 12. From the day she could hold a pencil she was encouraged in her creative efforts and as drawing continued, horses dominated her paper. Equines were her first love.  "To this day ...'" Newby says with a sly grin, " I still have an auto reflex to crane my head towards a good looking horse, though my interests have broadened since childhood. Observing the handiwork of God all around me is a constant source of delight and inspiration. From oceans to deserts, prairies to mountains, each has its own kind of beauty; be it a whole panorama or the detail of a delicate rose… the thrill of heart pounding action or the serenity of peaceful solitude. And among it all, God’s most beloved creature, mankind.”

  Being the daughter of an artist, Newby had her own personal tutor and by age 16 her first painting had sold. She apprenticed with internationally renowned artist, Jonathan La Benne, better known as “Jonathan, The Bear Man” and who she proudly refers to as “Dad.” This included many different facets of art. Among them… painting in acrylics, 2 dimensional wood carving and 3 dimensional wood sculptures. Newby was blessed with a life of travel; gathering inspiration from the Rocky Mountains to the Smokey Mountains, from the deserts to the oceans. Opportunities abounded to study animals up close and personal including; bears, mountain lions, wolves, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, dolphins, seals and many more.

  Newby also traveled to New Mexico and learned about clay sculpture in a workshop by Chris Navarro. Newby says, “I enjoy sculpting and I feel that all the 3 dimensional work I’ve done has added more depth and feeling to my paintings. While I do enjoy sculpture, painting holds a special place for me. There is something so enticing about a fresh canvas just waiting to be brushed with color."

Currently, Newby resides in Wyoming with her husband, Dave and daughters, Kayla and Victoria.